States Push Back Against Vaccine Passports

States Push Back Against Vaccine Passports

( – Vaccine passports have become a divisive issue across the US lately as millions of Americans started to get their vaccinations. If the programs are enacted, they would allow businesses to deny access to any who has not been vaccinated. Three states have or are developing passport programs like this, but others are completely outlawing them.

In March, New York launched a vaccine passport program that would allow businesses to participate voluntarily. Hawaii is currently developing the technology to launch a similar program and the governor of Illinois, JB Pritzker (D), is also in favor of them. However, the programs would not ever extend nationwide.

On April 2, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) signed an executive order outlawing such passports.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) soon followed suit and other states may soon enact similar orders. Tennessee Governor Bill Lee (R) said he does not “believe governments should impose vaccine requirements or mandates in any way.” Rep. John Jacob (R) – Indianapolis is also in disagreement and compared vaccine passports to apps used in China that “track and restrict the free movement of citizens,” and believes they will pave “the way for civil atrocities.”

These states are trying to protect Americans from being forced to undergo a medical procedure in order to participate in normal daily activities. That’s not something that should ever happen in the land of the free.

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