States Told to Protect Monuments or Else

States Told to Protect Monuments or Else

( – For weeks, we’ve watched violent extremists vandalize and topple statues. In response to the destruction, President Donald Trump signed an executive order (EO) tackling the issue. Now, Interior Secretary David Bernhardt is making sure states know the federal government isn’t going to allow the desecration to continue.

During a June 27 interview on Fox News, Secretary Bernhardt said any state or local government that fails to protect monuments won’t receive funding from his department. His words echoed the executive order signed by President Trump to protect memorials and statues. It makes it clear the feds won’t provide grants to cities that don’t try to stop the violence and damage. Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany discussed the decision with “Fox & Friends” hosts, on Monday.

Many of these statues and monuments targeted by the criminal agitators over the last few weeks are decades and even more than a century old. St. John’s Episcopal Church, for example, which has stood across from the Whitehouse since 1815 was sprayed painted. We can’t allow these violent extremists to keep destroying things — President Trump’s administration clearly understands that.

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