Supreme Court Backs Law and Order

Supreme Court Backs Law and Order

( – Earlier this week we told you about the first execution in 17 years, which took place in Indiana. Well, the second child murderer has now joined that one. But the only reason the Trump Administration was able to give the victims’ family the justice they deserved is the Supreme Court’s staunch support of law and order.

On July 16, at roughly 2:45 a.m., the Supreme Court cleared the way for the federal government to execute Wesley Ira Purkey. This was the second time in a week the justices lifted a series of injunctions halting executions.

In its 2019 term, the supreme court did not necessarily favor Conservatives. The justices struck down laws the Right supported, like the Louisiana abortion restrictions. But it’s their recent record on the death penalty that has proven the current court will not stand in the way of justice being carried out. In June, the justices cleared the path for the new federal lethal injection method with one drug and they haven’t deviated from that position no matter how many appeals have been thrown at them.

There are two more federal executions scheduled, one this week and the final in August.

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