Supreme Court Deals Devastating Blow to Democrats

( – In 2019, House Democrats launched an investigation into whether then-President Donald Trump lied to Special Counsel Robert Mueller during the Russia investigation. Since then, they’ve been trying to access grand jury records from the investigation. The Supreme Court essentially ended their crusade last week.

On Friday, July 2, the Supreme Court vacated lower court rulings that would have let House Democrats access those records. Ironically, President Joe Biden’s Justice Department opposed Democrats’ efforts to obtain the records. The department argued that the lawsuit was moot because Trump is no longer president.

Last month, House General Counsel Douglas Letter accused the former president of “running out the clock” and undermining the House’s efforts to obtain the records, acknowledging the case is moot now that Biden is president. He claimed the House Judiciary Committee supports the DOJ’s position and believes the agency will “support disclosure at the appropriate time.”

The SCOTUS decision was a victory for Trump. He has said the Left was just continuing a witch hunt against him and maintained he did nothing wrong. The Mueller investigation cleared him of wrongdoing. After that, Democrats tried and failed twice to remove Trump from office. This decision closes the book on that chapter of American history once and for all.

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