Supreme Court Lawyers Oppose Court Packing

Supreme Court Lawyers Oppose Court Packing

( – A few months ago, President Joe Biden formed a commission to look into Supreme Court reforms. The group is supposed to gather evidence and then make recommendations based on what they’ve learned. One of the issues they’re looking into is whether to expand the court. A group of Supreme Court lawyers recently opposed the progressive plan.

On Tuesday, July 20, the lawyers spoke to Biden’s SCOTUS commission. The Supreme Court Practitioners’ Committee Co-Chair, Maureen Mahoney, told the panel they oppose the idea of expanding the high court. She pointed out that a larger court would make the arguments “less productive, deliberations more difficult” and it’d be harder for the justices to hand down clear opinions.

The commission also heard from lawyers about whether to impose term limits on the court. John Malcolm, vice president at the Institute for Constitutional Government with the conservative Heritage Foundation, said imposing term limits would require a Constitutional amendment. The Constitution states the justices on the high court serve for life.

Democrats, angry over former President Donald Trump’s appointment of three justices, are trying to shape the court for more favorable outcomes on their side. Experts said trust in the court would be eroded if that were to happen. There’s no word on when the commission will publish its recommendations.

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