Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Controversial Case

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Controversial Case

( – Liberals often argue men and women both have nipples, so they should be treated the same way. In other words, if a beach bans nudity, then neither men nor women should be allowed to go topless, or if men are allowed to go topless then a woman should as well. The Supreme Court was just asked to rule on a Maryland case just like this one.

In 2017, Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan and the city council banned public displays of nudity. Women were prohibited from going topless on any city property, including the beach, from then on. Those found in violation of the ruling could receive fines of up to $1,000.

Resident Chelsea Eline and several other women filed lawsuits against the city arguing they have a “legal right to be bare-chested” in places where it’s permitted for men. They also argued Ocean City was denying them equal protection of the law. A federal judge ruled against the women in 2020, noting the Supreme Court has ruled there are significant enough physical differences between men and women that it’s not unconstitutional to treat them differently. In 2021, the women appealed to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals and were at once denied relief.

The Supreme Court obviously agreed and refused to hear the case, finally bringing it to an end.

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