Supreme Court Ruling Is Bad News for Biden

Supreme Court Ruling Is Bad News for Biden

( – On August 3, the CDC issued a new eviction moratorium for areas with high COVID-19 spread. The order came after the majority of the Supreme Court made it clear the original moratorium, which was almost over, was likely unconstitutional. Now the high court has weighed in on the latest eviction ban.

The court handed down a decision on August 26, striking down the eviction moratorium. The conservative majority issued an eight-page ruling saying the CDC exceeded its authority by issuing the ban. The court explained the policy relied on an old statute that, “authorizes [the CDC] to implement measures like fumigation and pest extermination.” The justices said it “strains credulity” to assert that law also allows the agency to halt evictions.

The next day, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki called on Congress to keep renters in their homes. She also said the Emergency Rental Assistance program could help those who are unable to pay their living expenses.

The SCOTUS ruling is, no doubt, a welcome relief to property owners around the country. While renters benefited from a moratorium, landlords still had to pay their mortgages and associated expenses even though they weren’t being paid.

It’s unclear if Congress plans to try to pass new legislation to help renters. With the court’s ruling, the Biden administration has suffered yet another setback.

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