Supreme Court to Make Ruling on Massive Case

Supreme Court to Make Ruling on Massive Case

( – In the wake of the 2020 election, Republican-led states are working to ensure elections are safe and secure in the future. One of the areas the states are focusing on is mail-in voting laws that they believe make it easier for people to cheat. Arizona saw a problem with the system in 2016 and now the Supreme Court is going to decide if their laws are legal.

Leftists are challenging two laws in the case of Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee. One law would make it a “felony for someone other than a postal worker, family member or caregiver to collect and deliver” another person’s ballot. The other law requires voters to cast their ballots in the precinct where they live. The court will decide if the laws are fair or if they make it harder for minorities and others to vote.

The case is being hailed as the most important voting rights case in a decade. Experts are hopeful that the high court will rule in Arizona’s favor now that there is a 6-3 conservative majority. If the justices do rule in favor of Republican Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, it could clear the way for states to pass similar laws around the country.

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