Surgeon Accidentally Performs Surgery on Wrong Body Part

Surgeon Accidentally Performs Surgery on Wrong Body Part

( – Imagine going to the hospital for an operation and the surgeon performs the operation on the wrong body part. Talk about nightmare material. Unfortunately, it’s exactly what happened to a man in Florida.

In September 2019, a patient was supposed to undergo surgery to have large veins removed on his left testicle. Instead, Dr. Raúl E. Fernández-Crespo, a Tampa urologist, performed the operation on the man’s right testicle. According to a complaint filed against him, the doctor marked the wrong testicle while having a conversation with the patient. During the procedure, Fernández-Crespo realized his mistake and proceeded to remove the veins on the correct testicle.

In June 2021, the State of Florida Board of Medicine ordered Fernández-Crespo to pay a $2,500 fine. He must also reimburse the Department of Health for costs related to the case, totalling $2,045.56. Additionally, the board issued a letter of concern, ordered him to give a one-hour lecture on wrong-site surgeries, and said he could either sit through eight hours of disciplinary hearings or take a five-hour medical education course in risk management.

There is no word on how the patient is doing. The doctor still practices in the Tampa area and has had no other disciplinary action filed against him.

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