Suspect Shot by Police After Hitting Federal Building With Vehicle

Suspect Shot by Police After Hitting Federal Building With Vehicle

( – Crime has steadily risen across the United States since the COVID-19 pandemic. Major cities, often under the control of Democratic politicians, have been hit especially hard. Seattle is one of those cities. Recently, police officers were forced to shoot a suspect there after a scary incident.

Suspect Killed

On Saturday, March 5, Seattle Police responded to a 911 call about gunshots near a city intersection just after 8 p.m. When the police arrived, they found the suspect had crashed his vehicle into the Federal Building. Shortly after the police tried to contact the man who was reportedly armed with a long gun, something triggered the police to begin shooting. Why exactly the gunfire started is still under investigation.

According to reports, multiple officers discharged their firearms at the suspect. After the shooting stopped, the Seattle Fire Department and the police tried to render medical aid but were unable to save the suspect – he died on the scene.

Local news, King 5, interviewed people in the area of the shooting shortly after the incident. Patrons at one of the local bars said the scene was chaotic afterward and when people heard the shots, they ran to safe places within the bars. In one case, patrons ran into a basement to take cover. Police say nobody other than the suspect was shot.

Chaos in Seattle

The day before the Saturday shooting, 15-year-old Michael del Bianco was gunned down with shots to his arm and abdomen, and later died at a hospital. Police are now setting up a mobile unit in the downtown area after a rise in shootings. Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell said increased operations targeting firearms will begin taking place in the area of the del Bianco’s shooting.

In the last two years, Emerald City has experienced a lot of upheaval. Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists literally took control of part of downtown in 2020. That same year, politicians in the city followed by severely cutting the police budget, leading to the resignation of Police Chief Carmen Best. In 2021, there was a 20% increase in violent crime. It’s been terrible for those who love the city.

The latest incidents are just a couple more examples of the dangers police officers and residents are being forced to deal with in a city that used to be one of the most beautiful in America.

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