Suspicious Package Delivered To Politician’s Office


Phoenix police responded to a property call at 40th Street and Camelback Road, the headquarters of a famous politician in the midst of a campaign.

There was a mysterious package that arrived at the building, and police found suspicious items inside the mail that arrived. No injuries were reported, and the investigation remains active.

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake received this peculiar package before calling the authorities. Lake’s team said it was taking the threat “incredibly seriously” and thanked the authorities for looking into the incident.

A member of the Kari Lake campaign staff opened an envelope containing suspicious white powder, and the envelope was confiscated by law enforcement and sent to Quantico for examination. The staff member that opened the envelope is currently under medical supervision.

FBI agents and Phoenix police officers responded to the scene in hazmat suits. Because they were unsure about what substance was inside the envelope, they wanted to take every precaution while determining the severity of the situation.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs, Kari Lake’s Democratic opponent, condemned the threatening behavior directed at Kari Lake and her staff. Despite their political opposition, she believes the incident to be wrong.

Kari’s opponent, Katie Hobbs, also had a recent break-in in her headquarters. However, she initially blamed Lake’s rhetoric for the break-in.

Police are investigating Hobbs’ break-in and are checking all security cameras. The Hobbs campaign reported that a break-in had occurred at its headquarters earlier this week, and thanked the Phoenix Police Department for its work to keep them safe. The campaign has faced hundreds of death threats since the 2020 election, so this recent threat is nothing new to Hobbs’ team.

Another Democratic political figure spoke into the investigation as well. Arizona Democratic Senator Mark Kelly told reporters that he hopes an investigation will find who did the stunt and prosecute them for their crimes.

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