Teacher Accused Of Killing A Student Over A Spelling Mistake


India teacher allegedly kills Dalit student over spelling mistake – Al Jazeera English

Teachers are considered to be generally patient people. They guide students through the learning process, showing them new concepts and breaking it down step by step. Mistakes are considered to be a normal part of learning.
However, for one Dalit student, making a misstep cost him his life at the hands of his teacher. A mere spelling mistake during a test drove his teacher to murder.

Nikhil Dohre, 15, was kicked and struck with a rod by his high school teacher after misspelling the word “social” in an exam. He died from his injuries on Monday.

Hundreds of people took to the streets in New Delhi to protest the attack on a boy by his teacher, who they say was a caste-based hate crime. The police used force to quell the mob.

Riya Singh, co-founder of the Dalit Women Fight organisation, told Al Jazeera that caste hatred is so entrenched that people are killing young children to justify their caste bias.

Dalits are victims of thousands of attacks each year. One of these attacks involved a group of men who committed horrendous crimes against underage girls. Six men were arrested for raping and killing two teenage girls.

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