Teen, 15, Dies After Being Shot In The Head By Police Officer

Mississippi teen dies days after being shot by police – NBC News

Jaheim McMillan, 15, died Saturday as a result of being taken off life support. This decision came after being shot by a Gulfport Police officer. Four other teens were arrested that day, and charged with aggravated assault.

At 2:28 p.m., a driver reported seeing two teens driving recklessly in a silver Kia Soul. The caller said the passengers in the Kia were making obscene gestures toward him, and the right rear passenger in the Kia Soul brandished a firearm when both cars reached a stoplight.

The Kia kept following the car that made the report of suspicious behavior to the police. According to the caller, the passenger who had showed his firearm before held it up again.

Eventually, the police found a car that matched the description at a Family Dollar parking lot. Police engaged an armed suspect, who was transported to a hospital with a single gunshot wound.

Police fired at Jaheim McMillan, one of the teen suspects involved int he incident who was shot in front of a store. Four other suspects were taken into custody, and several firearms were recovered from the scene.

McMillan died in the hospital from his gunshot injury. His mother questions the police account of her son being armed and says the shooting left him brain dead.

Sunday, red, black and white balloons were released into the sky in memory of McMillan. Candles were placed outside the doors of the Family Dollar where he was shot, and signs were posted on the windows.

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