Teen Boy, 17, Shot To Death Over A Pair Of Designer Sneakers

A 17-year-old Albertville boy was fatally shot in a premeditated robbery in Plymouth last Monday, according to new charges filed in Hennepin County. A 19-year-old man remains at-large.

According to criminal charges filed Monday, Sirleaf and is Hans Madave both met Yaseen Johnson at a parking lot to buy a pair of designer sneakers. The witness who drove Johnson to the scene said that Sirleaf and his accomplice both entered the vehicle to present the shoes in question.

One of the Balenciaga sneakers was handed over to Johnson, who inspected them after giving Sirleaf half of his initial asking price. Once he took a closer look, he then decided that he wished to buy the pair of designer shoes. Johnson gave Sirleaf the rest of the money that was owed in order to complete their transaction.

However, it was in this moment when everything went downhill. Instead of selling the sneakers, Sirleaf demanded that Johnson return the shoes back to him. When Johnson refused, Sirleaf pulled out a gun and pointed it at Johnson and threatened him with the weapon.

The witness claimed to see Johnson flinch at the gesture, and his next memory is seeing blood in the vehicle. He then ran from the scene where Johnson’s murder took place. When police finally arrived, they found high-school student Yaseen Johnson dead in the car.

Another suspect shared a key piece of information with investigators. The 18-year-old told police that he had called Sirleaf and Madave prior to the incident and found out that they were planning a robbery using the pair of Balenciagas that they were “selling.”

The 18-year-old that shared this information was arrested, but has since been released from custody without charges. Sirleaf has also been arrested for his involvement in Johnson’s murder, but Hans Maldave has not yet been brought into custody.