Teen Who Mysteriously Ran Away Found Dead In The Woods Days Later


Trinity Backus’ body was found in a heavily wooded river drainage area just after 2 p.m. Her body was less than a mile from the rural Nevada County home where she was last seen.

Investigators are currently trying to determine the reason the 16-year-old girl died. As of right now, the cause of death is unknown. There will be an autopsy performed to help determine what happened.

The sheriff’s office said that Trinity Backus was last seen leaving her aunt’s home at 10:30 p.m. wearing a maroon robe and pajama pants. Her mother said she last saw her daughter about 3 p.m.

Andrea Stanio, Trinity’s mother, said Trinity took off running from the house. Before she left, she told her aunt that she would be visiting her boyfriend’s house about 10 miles from where she was.

Andrea received a suspicious call saying that Trinity took off running from the house after a phone call. Her mother immediately began driving to the house, but Andrea claims that she didn’t see her daughter anywhere on the side of the road.

After no one could find her, she was reported missing. On Thursday, search crews used volunteers, FIRIS planes, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and the California Highway Patrol to look for Trinity Backus.

The search ended in the tragic discovery of the teen girl’s deceased body. Sheriff’s officials say they have been in communication with the family and extend their condolences.

More than a dozen law enforcement agencies assisted in the search.The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office thanked the hundreds of volunteers who assisted with the search for Trinity.

Unfortunately, there have been other instances of teenagers that died in the area. Authorities led the search effort for a missing 16-year-old girl earlier this year, but found her vehicle upside down in the Prosser Creek Reservoir. She died from drowning.

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