Tesla Issues Massive Recall

Tesla Issues Massive Recall

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Tesla’s self-driving feature has sparked a lot of controversy over the last few years. The feature has been blamed for multiple accidents and even deaths. Now, the company is issuing a massive recall after tests uncovered a big problem.

On Tuesday, February 1, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) posted documents online, noting that Tesla’s automatic driving feature was doing the California roll through stop signs. The “Full Self-Driving” software allows the vehicles to roll through intersections without coming to a complete stop while traveling up to 5.6 miles per hour. The company recalled more than 54,000 vehicles, including certain 2017-2022 Model 3, 2016-2022 Model S and 2020-2022 Model Y electric cars and SUVs.

According to reports, the rolling stop is intentional, meaning the vehicles were programmed to violate the laws in states across the country. The Governors’ Highway Safety Association told the Associated Press it wasn’t aware of any state that allows people to proceed through intersections where there’s a stop sign without coming to a complete stop.

As mentioned, people driving on auto-pilot have already led to accidents and death. In 2021, a family sued the company when its 15-year-old son died in an accident after being hit by a person driving a Tesla in autopilot mode. NHTSA has investigated 26 autopilot crashes to date that has left 11 dead.

Tesla has said it will disable the rolling stop feature by deploying a software update without having to bring in cars for service. Meanwhile, the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, has said he thinks complete automation will be achieved in 2022.

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