Texas GOP Files Lawsuit

Texas GOP Files Lawsuit

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Earlier this week we told you about Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner (D) who canceled the GOP’s state convention. Now, the Texas Republican Party is fighting back.

On July 9, the GOP sued. In a statement about the lawsuit, State Republican Chair James Dickey said they were asking the court to force the “city to honor its contract…” and sought a temporary restraining order.

Unfortunately, Harris County District Judge Larry Weiman denied the request to block the mayor’s decision. The state GOP said they’re going to keep fighting, though. After the ruling, the party released a statement saying it will file an appeal with the Texas Supreme Court.

The mayor claims the coronavirus pandemic is the reason for his actions. However, shouldn’t that have been the GOP’s decision? People have free will, if they were concerned, they wouldn’t attend the convention. The Houston mayor should not be making those decisions for people.

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