Texas Governor Buses 50 Immigrants To Vice President’s Home Over Open Border Disagreement

More Migrants, Including Baby, Arrive at Vice President Kamala Harris’ Washington D.C. Home – The Daily Beast

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott bused around 50 mostly Venezuelan migrants to the home of Vice President Kamala Harris on Saturday morning to relieve the stress of overwhelmed communities. He claimed that there was no understanding on Harris’ part of the ramifications that an open border policy has in the border state.

Harris was charged by President Biden to address border issues, but Abbott’s recent efforts prove his dissatisfaction with the president’s decision. Abbott has sent 10,000 migrants to different states, and Biden called it “reckless” and “un-American”.

Harris said the Republican governors were dereliction of duty and blamed the former president for decimating the immigration system. She said billions would be needed to help migrants stay in their home countries.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis utilized a similar tactic as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott by ferrying 48 Venezuelan migrants from San Antonio to Florida so he could then relocate them to Martha’s Vineyard at the expense of taxpayers.

Another state decided to take a similar approach. The Arizona Governor’s Office is busing immigrants from Yuma to Washington D.C.’s Union Passenger Terminal, which has cost the state $4 million. Most of the migrants want to go to New York, New Jersey or Florida.

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