The Media Is Using the Crisis at the Capitol to Secure More Power

The Media Is Using the Crisis at the Capitol to Secure More Power

( – For more than four years the mainstream media, with the help of Big Tech and democrats, have been trying to silence Conservatives. President Donald Trump’s voters have been incredibly vocal about their support for him, and they’re mocked constantly. Members of the press often call these patriots “dangerous” and accuse them of being hateful, racist and any other names they can think to call them.

That behavior has ramped up in the last several days and one prominent conservative thinks the Left is using the recent unrest to further a nefarious agenda.

Capitol Hill Unrest and the Media’s Response

When protesters broke into the Capitol Building on January 6, the media immediately started blaming Trump supporters without any evidence. It’s true the people were wearing MAGA apparel, but more and more reports are coming out that the people who started acting violently were Antifa agitators dressed like Trump supporters. There’s a theory that they were trying to make the commander-in-chief look bad. But why?

The Federalist’s John Daniel Davidson believes the media is trying to “cleanse the country of Trump supporters.” They’re using the outrage over what happened on Capitol Hill to fuel that plan.

Where’s the Proof

What proof is there that the media and the Left are trying to silence Conservatives supporting the president? Look at what’s happened since then.

On Thursday, January 7, Facebook and Instagram banned Trump from the platforms indefinitely. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said it would last until January 20. The next day, Twitter permanently banned the president, retired Lt. Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell. As that’s happening, Democratic lawmakers are talking about impeaching the president again and adding an article to prevent him from running for office in the future.

Was that part of their plan all along? Make the public think Trump supporters are violent and then silence them?

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