The U.S. Spent More On Ukraine In 136 Days Than We Did On Afghanistan In 5 Years.

Ukraine rocket system aid

US spending to counter Russian war effort exceeds first five years of war costs in Afghanistan – Fox News.

The Biden administration has pledged to counter Russia’s war in Ukraine and its threat to European security. The latest $400 million military drawdown package was coordinated with Ukrainian officials.

The Pentagon confirmed that the U.S. has provided $8 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since Russia’s invasion in February and that $54 billion in aid will be provided to NATO nations as well as funding the presence of U.S. troops in Europe.

According to a report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the U.S. has already spent more on security assistance to Ukraine than during the first five years in Afghanistan.

In total, the U.S. spent over 2.3 Trillion funding the war effort in Afghanistan and related operations in Pakistan, which does not include the ongoing expense of caring for veterans of the war.

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