Thousands Evacuate Before The Implosion Of Illegal 32-Story Buildings

Thousands evacuated in India before implosion of giant skyscrapers – CNN

The demolition of two high-rise apartment towers in India was completed within seconds after the country’s top court declared them illegal for violating building norms. More than 1,500 families vacated their apartments in the area more than seven hours before the towers crumbled.

Indian authorities started evacuating thousands from their homes on Saturday ahead of the demolition of two 40-story skyscrapers in a residential area on the outskirts of New Delhi. The twin 103-meter tall (338-feet) apartment blocks were due to be imploded on Sunday in an operation lasting between 12 and 15 seconds.

The towers were surrounded by scaffolding, fences, barricades and special covers to block dust from the 88,000 tons of debris that would be generated during the demolition. Residents are expected to return to the area Sunday evening after experts examine the impact of the demolition.

The Supertech twin towers are done and dusted, and now there is a mountain of concrete rubble to be disposed of.

The twin towers had two large basements. The bulk of the debris will be used to fill the basements, and the rest will be removed and processed at a construction and demolition waste management plant.

This is not the first time demolition like this has happened. In January 2020, four apartment complexes in Maradu, Kochi were demolished. The concrete rubble was used to make hollow bricks and pavement tiles, and the other two sites were used for land-filling and related purposes.

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