Three Friends Mysteriously Die At Airbnb While On Vacation In Mexico


Courtez Hall, Kandace Florence and Jordan Marshall, all 28, were found dead in an Airbnb in Mexico City last Wednesday. Their deaths remain under investigation.

Florence’s boyfriend called the Airbnb host after she was not feeling well and requested a wellness check. The host’s security called the police. When the authorities arrived, they found the three dead from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Marshall and Florence were friends since high school. Marshall’s mom, Jennifer Marshall, said it has been hard to get his body home. Hall’s mother told reporters that he had flown to Mexico City on October 29 and last spoke to him that night.

Jordan Marshall’s wife spent hours at a police station waiting for a translator to show up, but was unable to retrieve his personal belongings.

All of the families had difficulty trying to get their loved ones’ affairs in order after their sudden death.

The families of Marshall and Florence say they have been in contact with the U.S. embassy after the death of the friend group.¬†Florence’s oldest brother and sister-in-law say they had a similar experience with the U.S. embassy, which did not have translators that could accompany them to the various places like the forensics office or police station.

Similar to Marshall’s wife, they were also unable to get into the Airbnb to get their loved ones’ things back. Until the investigation is over, it is unlikely that they will see anything in the Airbnb that belonged to Hall, Florence, or Marshall.

The families they left behind say they hope no one else ever has to go through this. They are seeing the challenge as an opportunity to fight so others won’t have to go through what they’ve experienced.

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