Toddler Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Head After Finding Dad’s Loaded Gun

A two-year-old boy climbed into his father’s truck through an open door and discovered a weapon- his father’s gun. Little did the toddler know that the gun was loaded with ammunition.

The toddler grabbed the gun and unknowingly fired a round at himself, accidentally shooting himself in the head. First responders were called to the scene to try to help the baby boy survive.

The toddler’s parents were present when police arrived at the scene, discovering the little boy with an accidentally self-inflicted gunshot wound. The father has been charged with failure to properly and safely store firearms to protect minors.

The county district attorney said that the child died after finding his father’s Smith & Wesson 40 caliber handgun in the front seat of his truck. District Attorney Susan Doyle added that tragedies like this one are 100 percent preventable by safely storing all weapons away from underage children.

After the toddler accidentally shot himself, he was rushed to the hospital to treat him for his life-threatening injuries. However, the gunshot wound was too much for his small body to bear. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The two-year-old’s death was believed to be an “unfortunate accident”. The family is now raising money for a funeral. A GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for Bennett’s funeral has reached its $20,000 target.

Bennett was a happy child who loved everyone in his life deeply. His spirit and memory lives on in his family and friends, the obituary said. A free spirit with a wild soul, Bennett loved to play with dinosaurs, work with his dad, snuggle with his mom, and play outside. He died too young, but his spirit and memory live on in his family and friends.

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