Toddler Goes Missing From His Home And The FBI Joins The Search

Search underway for toddler who went missing from his home in Savannah, Georgia – CNN

Authorities in Chatham County, Georgia, wrapped up a fourth day of searching unsuccessfully for missing 20-month-old Quinton Simon, but they still hope he will be found alive.

Quinton Simon was reported missing from his home in Savannah, Georgia, Wednesday morning. Police are searching the surrounding area and are working with the FBI.

Police searched Quinton’s home, a pond, drainage pipes, dumpsters, nearby woods and other undisclosed locations, using drones, helicopters, horses, and tracking dogs. They interviewed family members and anyone close to Quinton.

The search for Quinton has involved K-9 teams, drones, helicopters with heat-seeking technology, police on horseback and dive teams. Police have now “exhausted” the grid search of where the child might have wandered.

On Wednesday, Quinton’s mother’s boyfriend reported seeing him at 6 a.m. The boy’s biological father was not near him during the time of his disappearance, Hadley said.

Grandparents Thomas and Billie Jo Howell say their daughter, Leilani, hasn’t always done the right thing. They say they want answers and want to bring Quinton home. Though Leilani, 22, is Quinton’s mother they claim that they don’t know what to believe about the disappearance of their grandchild.

The case has drawn widespread attention and a large law enforcement response. Detectives have worked 20-hour days and searched a wide variety of possible locations.

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