Toddler Wakes Up At Her Own Funeral And Then Dies a 2nd Time

‘Dead’ 3-year-old wakes up at her own funeral -Fox 11

A family in Mexico had to hold two funeral services for a little girl after she woke up inside the casket. The three-year-old girl woke up at her own funeral after doctors had already declared her dead.

Three-year-old Camila Martinez Mendoza was taken to a pediatrician for stomach pain, vomiting, and a fever. She was diagnosed with dehydration and was given a prescription for paracetamol, but her condition only got worse, so her family got a second opinion.

Camila’s mother took her to the hospital as her health continued to spiral downhill. Camila was treated for dehydration and was prescribed paracetamol, but her condition worsened. After the IV was removed, doctors took the young girl into another room and pronounced her dead from dehydration.

Camila’s mother-in-law noticed that the glass panel over the coffin was clouded over, and Camila’s eyes were moving. Family members checked Camila’s pulse, and she was rushed to the hospital once again to try to revive her.

However, Camila’s condition was too far gone. Camila was pronounced dead- once again- from dehydration, metabolic failure, and cerebral edema. Her family is filing a lawsuit against the hospital, accusing the staff of negligence.

Camila’s mother said she wants justice to be served after her daughter’s death and asked that the doctors be changed so it does not happen again.

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