Tom Brady – Brock Purdy Will Outshine Him. Shanahan’s Plan Unveiled!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The pursuit of NFL legend Tom Brady by the San Francisco 49ers has brought about a lot of speculation, particularly in regards to the future of current quarterback Brock Purdy. San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan recently confirmed to NBC Sports’ Peter King that he had informed Purdy that he would be the team’s starter for the 2023 NFL season only if the 49ers couldn’t persuade Brady to join them.

Purdy, who recently underwent surgery for a torn UCL in his right throwing elbow, had initially seemed to be the clear choice for the starting quarterback position for the upcoming season. However, Shanahan’s interest in Brady added an element of uncertainty to Purdy’s future with the team.

The coach’s intention behind this move was to motivate Purdy, as he wanted to assure the young quarterback that the team had faith in him long-term, regardless of the potential addition of Brady for a single season. Shanahan wanted Purdy to see the possibility of learning from one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time as a positive opportunity for his growth and development.

Despite Shanahan’s intentions, Brady was ultimately not interested in joining the 49ers, leading to the team officially naming Purdy as the starting quarterback. The saga ended with Brady’s rejection, the signing of Sam Darnold, and the confirmation of Purdy as the team’s starter for the upcoming season.