Tom Cotton Says Senators Have “Reservations” About Biden’s Secretary Of Defense Pick

( – More than a month after the 2020 election, the American people still aren’t sure who will serve as their next president. Joe Biden is leading, but President Donald Trump is fighting the results. While that battle plays out in courtrooms across the country, Biden is moving forward with his transition and choosing cabinet officials. One senator is expressing reservations about his pick for secretary of defense.

On Tuesday, December 8, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) spoke to the hosts of “Fox & Friends” about Biden’s plans to nominate retired Army General Lloyd Austin. The lawmaker said he respects the four-star general for his years of service to the country. However, he doesn’t know if the Senate will give him a waiver to serve as he hasn’t been out of the military for seven years as federal law requires.

Senator Cotton said lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have expressed reservations about granting such permission. They would like to “restore proper civil-military balance to the Pentagon” and may not be able to do that if they grant more waivers. Of course, this might all be moot since Biden hasn’t officially won the election yet.

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