Tom Fitton Responds to Whistleblower Election Claims (REPORT)

( – Multiple whistleblowers have come forward to allege voter irregularities. On Wednesday, December 2, Rudy Giuliani even questioned one of them at a hearing before the Michigan legislature. So, what should people think when they hear the stories these people are telling? Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton had something to say about it.

During an interview with Fox & Friends, Fitton said it’s a good sign that some of the legislators are looking into the claims even though the media is “whistling past the graveyard.” He went on to explain the process is political and the press is ignoring it because they don’t like President Donald Trump.

The Fox News hosts asked Fitton why he thinks the courts are not ruling in favor of the president. He said he believes it’s because they do not want to deal with the ramifications of the problems with the system.

The good news is that President Trump isn’t giving up just because the courts are ruling against his cases. He plans to fight until he can’t fight anymore because he and other Republicans, and millions of Americans who support him, believe it’s the only way to save our democracy.

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