Top Pet Names of 2021 Show Strange New Trend

Top Pet Names of 2021 Show Strange New Trend

( – Like baby names, the popularity of certain pet names comes and goes. For instance, Luna, Bella, and Charlie were among the most popular names for cats and dogs in 2020. Those names were still very popular in 2021, but so were a few others.

According to’s annual popular list of pet names, all of the typical names were on the list: Daisy, Bear, and Buddy. However, some people chose to name their pets in honor of the pandemic that’s been raging for two years. COVID-19 inspired names increased dramatically. Celebrity dog trainer Nicole Ellis told reporters some believe naming their pets after something related to the virus is a “great conversation starter.” Apparently, a lot of people agree.

The name Fauci, after NIAID Director Anthony Fauci, has risen 270% in popularity over the last year. Zoom, after the video conference app many have been using for work and school, rose 443%.

Covid, Pfizer and Vax were also very popular names in 2021.

It seems while many Americans want to forget the last two years ever happened, others are hoping to remember what they went through for years to come. Hopefully, the most popular names for the upcoming year will have nothing to do with COVID-19, vaccines or Fauci.

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