Tow truck driver fatally shot during vehicle repossession

CHICAGO, IL – The hunt for the assailant who fatally shot a military veteran and tow truck driver is ongoing. The 28-year-old victim was in the process of repossessing a vehicle when he was ambushed by unknown gunmen.

The incident occurred during an unexpected vehicle repossession in the middle of the night. The tow truck’s license plate reader alerted the driver to a vehicle that required towing. Following standard procedure, the driver contacted the police and the vehicle’s owner.

According to Attorney Tom Glasgow, the exchange between the driver and the vehicle owner was peaceful, with the owner willingly handing over the keys. The driver, identified as 28-year-old Jack Jacobson, then left with the vehicle attached to his truck. Glasgow stated that at some point, Jacobson was surrounded by multiple individuals and subsequently shot multiple times. The military veteran succumbed to his injuries.

Jacobson’s death has left his colleagues in mourning and his family grappling with the reality of life without him. Jacobson was expecting a daughter and was due to have his baby shower the following day.

The crime scene in East Garfield Park was marked only by police tape and discarded medical gloves. The motive behind the shooting remains unclear, with questions arising as to whether it was a random act of violence or if the gunmen were connected to the vehicle’s owner. Chicago police have yet to provide answers.

The Alliance of Illinois Repossessors issued a statement condemning the violence against repossession agents, which has seen a significant increase over the past three years. The statement urged the public to understand the vital role repossession agents play in the auto loan industry and pleaded for an end to the violence against them.