Trouble in North Carolina

( – The coronavirus pandemic is pitting neighbors, families and politicians against one another. In North Carolina, the governor and lieutenant governor are even fighting. It’s so bad in the state that the disagreement between the two men is likely headed to court.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest (R) has plans to sue Governor Roy Cooper (D) over his response to the virus. The Republican believes the Dem gov. “ignored the law…” by putting mandates in place that “selectively targeted…” North Carolina residents and businesses without approval from the Council of State.

In order to sue, Forest has to get approval from Cooper for independent legal counsel. He’s going to move forward with the suit, and on top of the lockdown orders by the governor, he caused a huge event to leave the state.

Until recently, the Republican National Convention (RNC) was going to be held in the state. However, it moved to Florida after Gov. Cooper said he wasn’t going to allow a full-capacity event. The decision meant the state would lose millions in potential revenue at a time when small businesses desperately need it. Clearly, the governor isn’t making the best decisions for the state.

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