Trump Admin Announces WH Event

( – Throughout President Donald Trump’s time in office, an increased number of manufacturers have been bringing their businesses back to the US. The commander-in-chief’s tax law and decreased regulations have made the country more inviting for companies. Recently, the administration announced plans to hold an event celebrating manufacturing in America.

Trump will host a “Made in America” event at the White House on October 5. It will be the fourth event of its kind since the president took office in 2016.

Spokesman Judd Deere told Fox News and touted the president’s accomplishments during his tenure, including bringing manufacturing back, energizing the economy, and the increasing “production of domestic-made goods.” He went on to say the event will include companies that represent all 50 states.

President Trump pointed out the difference between his agenda and Joe Biden’s in a tweet:

President Trump has said he will continue to make job creation a priority in his second term. On November 3, voters will get to decide if they should give him another four years to keep America great.

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