Trump Admin Vows to DESTROY Iranian Missiles Shipped to Venezuela

( – US relations with Venezuela have been almost non-existent under Nicolás Maduro’s regime. The dictator is accused of a litany of atrocities, including allegedly stealing the election in 2018. Recently, the South American leader has decided to play with fire, and President Donald Trump’s administration is issuing a warning.

On October 26, Fox News reported an official said the Trump Administration expects Iran and Venezuela to be a likely pair for an arms deal. However, the White House is warning it will destroy any long-range missile shipment to the Maduro regime. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) agreed with the policy on Twitter.

The senior administration official explained Venezuela’s economy is in shambles. It’s now buying gasoline from the Middle Eastern country, and arms could be next. That’s problematic for US allies in the vicinity of the South American country, and any weapons shipment could destabilize the region further.

There are currently no confirmed arms deliveries set, but the Trump Administration is putting the countries on notice anyway.

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