Trump Discusses COVID Vaccine

Trump Discusses COVID Vaccine

( – On September 2, the New York Times reported the CDC asked states to begin preparing vaccine sites just in case a COVID-19 vaccination was ready in early November. During a Labor Day press conference, President Donald Trump once again reiterated how close the scientists working on the Operation Warp Speed program were to completing their work. In fact, he said a vaccine might become available even sooner than expected.

The president told reporters the US is going to “produce a vaccine in record time.” One may even be available in October. Those who are concerned about its safety can rest easy, because it’s going to be “very safe and effective.”


Trump also said the fatality rate for COVID-19 has been reduced by 85% since April. The country’s top health officials have made it clear, the administration will not approve a vaccine that isn’t safe for the public, despite the Left’s insistence the president is doing it for political reasons.

The vaccine is expected to help reduce it even further. If the immunization is ready in the fall, experts don’t expect it to be widely available at first. Instead, the country’s most vulnerable, including healthcare workers, will likely receive it first.

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