Trump Expects Governors to “Dominate”

Trump Expects Governors to

( – When rioters took to the streets and began destroying businesses, President Donald Trump told local governments to end it. They were slow to react, resulting in many counties being seized by violent criminals for six days. On June 1, a fed-up president stood in front of a bank of cameras and issued an ultimatum.

During a statement in the Rose Garden on Monday, the president said his administration was working to ensure George Floyd’s family gets the justice they deserve. Then his tone changed and he told governors it’s their responsibility to use the National Guard and end the riots. He told them that if they failed to do so, he was going to deploy the US military to their states and handle it himself.

Prior to his Rose Garden statement, he spoke to governors and told them he expects them to “…dominate the streets.” If the president has to take care of the rioters himself, he can do so by invoking the Insurrection Act. Although some believe states must reach out and ask for help, that’s not necessarily true. The law states “Whenever the president considers…” unlawful assemblies, rebellion and other types of criminality are taking place that states can’t handle, “…he may call” militias up or use military force to “…suppress the rebellion.”

Now, let’s hope they do what they need to do to restore order.

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