Trump Favors Americans in Visa Rules

( – The COVID-19 restrictions implemented to slow the spread destroyed the job market. Prior to the pandemic, the US unemployment rate was at a 50-year low. Joblessness skyrocketed when governors started locking down their economies and now tens of millions of Americans are looking for work. President Donald Trump is taking action to help those people by changing immigration rules.

During an interview with Fox News Chief White House Correspondent John Roberts, Trump said his administration is going to suspend temporary work visas. The president is expected to sign the order halting L-1, H-1B, and others until 2021.

“We have plenty of people looking for jobs,” President Trump said.

The president is getting support for his decision from people who want to make sure there are job openings for Americans looking for work.

There’s no reason to bring in foreign labor when millions of people in the country need work. The president is putting America first, something he promised to do when he ran for office.

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