Trump: Feds Aren’t Leaving Liberal City

Trump: Feds Aren't Leaving Liberal City

( – Democratic politicians in Oregon have been losing their minds because President Donald Trump sent agents to protect federal property. Earlier this week, we learned the commander-in-chief is sending even more law enforcement officers to Portland. And, they aren’t leaving until the state’s Liberal governor gets her house in order, according to the president.

On July 30, Trump said his officials will remain in the city until Governor Kate Brown (D) does her job.

There have been riots in Leftist-run cities for more than two months. However, Portland has been particularly bad. Violent agitators have been attacking police officers and trying to destroy federal property. While the unrest continues, Liberal leaders in Oregon only seem concerned about what the president’s doing.

The reality is, if Brown and city officials did their jobs, Trump wouldn’t have to. He has an entire country to run. Portland shouldn’t need him, but it’s the president’s job to protect the people of this country, especially when their local leaders fail. So, here we are.

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