Trump Issues Warning on Election

Trump Issues Warning on Election

( – President Donald Trump has been sounding the alarm about universal mail-in voting for months now. One of the concerns, other than fraud, is how long it will take to count the ballots. The commander-in-chief once again reminded the American people this week about the potential delays.

During an August 5 interview with “Fox & Friends,” the Fox hosts asked the president about the problems with mail-in voting, specifically what Nevada is doing by mailing out ballots to all registered voters. Trump discussed the issues and then said “it could be years” before ballots are counted if states send them to all of their registered voters. He pointed to the primary race in New York that still hasn’t been counted after weeks.

Trump has warned about mail-in voting before.

Earlier this week, Trump sparked controversy by saying he supports Florida’s voting system. Liberals claimed he was being a hypocrite. But the difference between the Sunshine State’s system of absentee voting and Nevada is that you have to request the ballots in the Southern state. That allows election officials to better track where they’re going and mitigate the risk of fraud.

As far as delays, imagine the mess we’d have if millions, not thousands, of ballots, flooded election offices. Each of them has to be verified before being counted and that takes time. Expanding the voting system less than 100 days before a presidential election, when turnout is always higher, sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

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