Trump Jr Releases Radio Ad Praising Father’s Policies in Georgia

( – The Georgia runoff elections are just over a month away. The winners will determine whether Republicans maintain control of the Senate for at least the next two years. President Donald Trump knows how important it is, and now one of his sons is campaigning in the state.

On December 1, Axios reported it had obtained audio of a new radio ad that will run in the state featuring Donald Trump Jr. The president’s son warns voters that Democrats want to destroy all of the things his father has built. They want to carry out plans to start “defunding the police, destroying private health insurance, and dismantling the Supreme Court.” He implores voters to cast their ballots to preserve his father’s legacy.

The advertisement is being paid for by a new super PAC called “Save the US Senate.”

The first son wants to make sure the Senate doesn’t fall to the Left. If Joe Biden is declared the winner in the presidential race and the GOP loses the Georgia races, it would be a nightmare scenario. Liberals would be able to push through all of their radical plans and destroy President Trump’s legacy. Don Jr is hoping to avoid that.

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