Trump Official’s Children Forced Into Hiding

Trump Official's Children Forced Into Hiding

( – Before President Donald Trump left office, he extended Secret Service protection to all of his adult children, two of their spouses and two high-ranking administration officials. The recent attacks on one of his impeachment lawyers proves he made the right call.

On Monday, February 15, Attorney Michael van der Veen, spoke to Newsmax about the trial. During the interview, he was asked about his home recently being vandalized. He told host Rob Schmitt that he had to move his “children to a secretive location” to keep them safe. Vandals spray-painted “traitor” on his driveway and threw stuff at his home because he represented the former president.

Although van der Veen said his family is fine now, imagine how concerned he must’ve been to hide his children. With this level of vitriol being directed toward Trump and his associates, it’s no wonder the former POTUS gave all of his kids protection. Imagine what could happen if his enemies ran into one of them. It’s terrifying.

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