Trump Praises Law Enforcement Heroes During Speech at Border Wall

Trump Praises Law Enforcement Heroes During Speech at Border Wall

( – President Donald Trump traveled on January 12 for the first time since the Capitol Hill incident. He went to Alamo, Texas, to the border wall where he spoke to an audience of uniformed border patrol agents. The president didn’t shy away from the chatter over the last week from Democrats who want to remove him from office.

During his speech, the president touted his immigration accomplishments. Trump called the Customs and Border Patrol agents at the event “incredible.”

He told the crowd that “free speech is under assault” in the US. He reassured those in attendance that the 25th Amendment is “of no risk” to him, however, he thinks it’ll “come back to haunt Joe Biden.” The president said the Left would be wise to remember the saying “be careful what you wish for.”

The commander-in-chief slammed the Democratic Party’s continued efforts to impeach him and said they’ve caused nothing but “anger and pain.” He then went on to praise law enforcement heroes and to discuss his accomplishments. Trump finished his speech by telling the agents who were present that they’ve earned the nation’s “everlasting gratitude.”

Trump is right, law enforcement has earned that gratitude, but the president has also earned our appreciation.

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