Trump Reveals Family Secrets

( – President Donald Trump’s niece released her book recently and it’s filled with anecdotes that are inflaming the Left. During an interview with Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,” the commander-in-chief spoke out about Mary L. Trump’s “tell all” book. He revealed which of her comments hurt him.

Trump said his niece was never close to him and “not exactly a family favorite.” Even before this breach of trust, he and his family didn’t “have a lot of respect or like” for Mary. But he did reveal that her comments about his father, Fred Trump, rubbed him the wrong way. The president called his dad a “very good man.”

Furthermore, what hurts him is the way she spoke about his father and mother, Mary’s grandparents. Trump accused his niece of being “nasty” to his mom who “was like a saint.”

According to Trump, his niece isn’t much of a family person, and it’s hard to argue with that. She saw an opportunity to write a book about her uncle and took it. Would someone who values their relatives do that to their uncle?

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