Trump Says SCOTUS Pick May Come This Week

( – The battle over the vacancy left by Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court is heating up. Democrats are threatening all sorts of nonsense to prevent the president from fulfilling his constitutional duty. They aren’t intimidating President Donald Trump, however.

On Monday, September 21, Trump said he believes he will name a nominee for the late justice’s seat by the end of the week. During an interview with “Fox & Friends,” the president said he thinks it will probably be “Friday or Saturday” before he picks a replacement because he wants to wait until Ginsburg is laid to rest. The commander-in-chief also had kind words to say about the justice who made history as the second woman on the high court.

Justice Ginsburg passed away on Friday from pancreatic cancer. The 87-year-old judge was a firebrand who was admired by many on the Left and the Right. President Trump’s nominee for her seat will give Conservatives a majority and could change the country for decades to come.

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