Trump Says We Won’t Have a Country in 3 Years

Trump Says We Won't Have a Country in 3 Years

( – Republicans are eager to know who is going to run for president in 2024. Many Conservatives hope it will be former President Donald Trump. However, the 45th POTUS recently made a terrifying statement about the future.

Trump sat down for an interview with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell to discuss the future of the country. The 45th president said a lot of people have told him to forget about his election loss in 2020 and just look toward the next election. Those supporters have said he would win the next race because he’s “way up in the polls,” he explained. Trump told Lindell that he tells them we won’t “have a country in three years.”

The former president said he believes the only thing the American people want is a home to live in, a strong military, and education for their kids, but the Democratic Party fights the Republican Party over every attempt to bring civility back into our country.

Trump said President Biden has destroyed the country in nine months and now “America is a laughingstock all over the world.”

Although Trump refused to say whether he planned to run in 2024, he’s made it quite clear he will be helping Republicans win the majority back in Congress next year. If all goes well, there’s a hope that the GOP will be able to save the country by stopping the Biden agenda. Then, perhaps, Trump will run for president again and implement his America First agenda to clean up the mess Biden and the Democrats are making.

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