Trump Sends Special Gift to Victims of Tornado

Trump Sends Special Gift to Victims of Tornado

( – In early December, more than 30 tornadoes ripped across 6 states killing at least 90 people. The storms were particularly devastating for a Missouri family who lost a child. Former President Donald Trump heard the family’s story and did something incredibly special for them.

On Christmas, Pam Moore posted a video to Facebook of her granddaughter opening gifts sent to her by Trump and former First Lady Melania Trump. In the video, the excited grandma tells 7-year-old Avalinn Rackley the former First Family sent the gifts. The little girl screams, “Oh my God!” She leaned back on the sofa with her back brace on and smiled.

Avalinn opened her gifts from the Trumps, revealing hats signed by the former president, books signed by both him and Melania, bracelets, pens, American Girl Dolls and more.

A video of Avalinn and her sisters hiding in their bathroom during the storms made rounds on the internet. Her sister, 9-year-old Annistyn, died when a tornado hit their home. Avalinn was seriously injured while her other sister, Alanna, and father Trey both suffered minor injuries. Her mom, Meghan, suffered a severe brain injury but recently woke up from a coma.

In addition to the gifts, the Trumps sent a letter telling the Avalinn she will “remain in [their] hearts for complete care and comfort as” she continues to recover.

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