Trump Signs EO Targeting Social Media

Trump Signs EO Targeting Social Media

( – Earlier this week, Twitter added a fact-check alert to two of President Donald Trump’s tweets. Americans were outraged by the social media giant’s move to interfere with the commander-in-chief’s speech. On May 28, the president fought back and signed an executive order to prevent online censorship.

The president’s order made it clear that “Free speech is the bedrock” of democracy. The Founding Fathers thought it was so important, they made it the First Amendment of the Constitution. Online platforms should never be permitted to limit that right. The executive order goes on to limit the protections for Twitter and other social media companies under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. The law allows companies to remove content as long as their decisions are “in good faith” and it protects the companies from lawsuits over what others post on their sites.

Trump’s order basically states the companies can be stripped of their immunity under Section 230 if they start censoring people unfairly.

Conservative voices on social media platforms have long argued against censorship. They believe they’ve been unfairly targeted for years. President Trump’s executive order is the first step toward protecting our rights.

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