Trump Signs Landmark Act

Trump Signs Landmark Act

( – On August 4, President Donald Trump signed bipartisan legislation to ensure Americans are able to enjoy their beautiful country for many years to come. The bill, the Great Americans Outdoor Act (GAOA), is being called the most consequential conservation bill in a generation.

The GAOA will allocate roughly $3 billion annually to outdoor recreation, park infrastructure, and conservation projects. It permanently funds the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and will create 100,000 jobs. During the signing, President Trump said it’s the “most significant investment” in our parks since “President Theodore Roosevelt” was in office.

Democrats and Republicans supported the bill, although some believe it doesn’t go far enough. Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), who recently died of cancer, sponsored the original. Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) sponsored the legislation as well, and during the signing ceremony, he applauded the president’s decision to sign, calling it the “largest infusion of funding…” America has ever seen.

At a time when the country, including Congress, is so bitterly divided, it’s nice to see lawmakers come together to pass something we can all enjoy. We need more of that.

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