Trump Stunned By Unusual Praise From President Biden

Trump Stunned By Unusual Praise From President Biden

( – With all the controversy surrounding the 2020 presidential election, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump haven’t exactly had nice things to say about each other. The climate seemed to be changing when Biden addressed the nation on December 21. In his speech, he thanked the prior administration for its work on the vaccine and praised Trump for publicly announcing he received his booster shot. The former leader responded in kind, stating he appreciated Biden’s words, although he was “a little bit surprised.”

Trump further stated he hoped the president’s words would aid in the “healing of this country.”

During his interview with Fox News, the former leader said he found it difficult to criticize the current administration when Biden just thanked him for all he did to mitigate the spread of the virus. Perhaps the olive branch could help in unifying the nation once again.

Considering Biden has made it a habit of heavily criticizing Trump and his team for the last 11 months, the 180-degree turn may be just the thing both parties need to look for common ground and get the US back on a unified track.

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