Trump Supporters Flood to Local Election Offices

( – In February, Arizona GOP committee member Dan Schultz spoke to Steve Bannon about filling 200,000 vacant precinct positions. Apparently, his movement has inspired thousands of Conservatives.

On March 23, Bannon’s website, War Room, reported GOP precincts have been overrun with supporters of former President Donald Trump. The supporters were empowered by Schultz’s Precinct Project. The conservative explained that the only way to change the GOP is by taking over the party to become precinct committeemen.

Schultz has explained that the GOP is in a war right now and “political wars are fought by political parties.” The only way to win the war is by filling it with “foot soldiers.”

Committee seats are incredibly important. These people have a say in the party platform and they elect who serves them at the top organization, the Republican National Committee (RNC). Schultz encourages all Conservatives to get involved and if they’re unsure of how to do it, visit his website.

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