Trump Supporters Say Mike Pence is Betraying Him

Trump Supporters Say Mike Pence is Betraying Him

( – When Donald Trump chose Mike Pence as his running mate in 2016, Republicans were thrilled. The former Indiana governor and US congressman was well-liked within the party because of his Christian conservative values and strong legislative record. Over the years, Pence served Trump, and the two seemed to get along well, so they ran for reelection together.

After losing the presidential election, cracks in the relationship between the two men started to form. It all came to a head on January 6 when the vice president failed to intervene in the certification of the Electoral College votes in Congress. It was all downhill from there, and now supporters of the former president are expressing their opinion about a possible presidential run from Pence.

A Betrayal

According to an April 1 Newsweek article, Trump’s supporters believe Pence would be betraying his former boss if he decides to run in 2024. Infowars host Alex Jones, a staunch supporter of the 45th president, shared an article from his website on Gab that claims the former VP betrayed the “Constitution, Trump, [and] American people.” Chuck Woolery, a former game show host, shared an article accusing Pence of betraying Trump.

Meanwhile, the Indiana Senate decided Pence’s political career is over on March 30, congratulating him on his retirement. The former vice president has never said he is retiring from politics.

Is He Running?

According to the Associated Press, Pence seems to be laying the groundwork for a presidential run. The news agency pointed out that he has been more visible lately, writing op-eds, launching a group that focuses on promoting Trump’s accomplishments, joining conservative groups, and other activities that might keep his name in the public sphere.

Aside from being shunned by many conservatives, something else might stand in his way: Donald Trump. The former president has still not decided whether he will run again, and if he does, that could put a damper on any other Republican’s plans.

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